Parent Portal and Learning Fund Portal

We’re pleased to announce that Parents of EPIC students are able to access even more student information this school year within two different portals–The Parent Portal and The Learning Fund Portal.

The Parent Portal, new this school year, allows parents and guardians to access student grades, AWRs, report cards, test scores, links to helpful resources and more.

The Learning Fund Portal (also known as ‘EpiCenter’) gives parents and guardians visibility of available balance, pending transactions, past transactions, and the ability to place new orders once the ILP meeting is complete.

It is important that parents and guardians understand how both of these portals work, so this instruction page and the links will guide you through understanding the portals and what to expect when using them:

Parent Portal: Logging In and Accessing Features

  1. Initial Parent Portal Setup
    1. Read Welcome Email, View Parent Portal video, read FAQs
    2. Click on the link in the email (link will expire 3 days after it has been sent; if expired, contact school office)
    3. Save login information and URL somewhere safe and accessible
  2. Logging in (after initial setup)
    1. Go to website
    2. Input username and password
    3. Click LOGIN
    4. Image of login screen:
      Parent Portal Login Screen
  3. Accessing Features
    1. Parent Portal Homepage: Menu on the left under student name/s (if you don’t see the menu, click V-shaped arrow to the right of the student name to reveal.)
      1. Assignments & Grades – AWRs and grades for assignments
      2. Reporting – report cards and high school transcripts
      3. Test results – MAP scores, CAASPP scores
      4. News/Events – newsletters
      5. Resources – links to other websites, resources and help documents
      6. Transcript Credits (only high school students) – how many credits student earned
      7. Image of the menu under student name:
        Student Menu Screenshot
    2. Parent Portal Homepage – options on top of the screen
      1. Home – takes you back to the homepage
      2. Settings – change your password here
      3. Log Out – log out when finished to keep student data private
      4. Select Language – choose a language in which to translate the Portal
      5. Image of menu options on the top right:
        Portal Homepage

Parent Portal FAQs

What does the Parent Portal do?

The Parent Portal is a central hub in our student information system online where parents or guardians can log in and view student information and easily stay connected to the school, which is a very significant part of your role as the at-home learning coach.

Where can I learn more about the Portal?

By reading through the rest of these FAQs, watching the overview video and by logging in and looking around at the available features.

What is the link to the Parent Portal? This link is also in the welcome email.

Where can I find my username and password?

You will receive a welcome email after completing the Master Agreement. The welcome email message contains the username and password to your Parent Portal.

What if I overlooked the welcome message, or otherwise can’t get in?

Retrieving the username and password for an account can be done using these instructions.

If you know your Username, you can skip the first 3 steps.

  1. Click “Forgot Username.”
  2. Enter the email address used during enrollment.
  3. The username will be sent to that email address within a minute.
  4. Then, go to the login and click “Forgot Password.”
  5. It will ask for the Username. Enter that.
  6. The password is sent to the email address we have on file.
  7. Go back to the login and enter the Username and NEW Password.
  8. Once entered, it will ask you to “Reset” the password again.
  9. The login will come up blank… now enter the Username and the Password entered during the “Reset”.

Does the Parent Portal have a non-English version?

Yes, click on TRANSLATE at the top right of the screen and select your preferences from the languages.

What is I have questions not listed here?

If you have additional questions after you have informed yourself with the information provided in the overview video and here in the FAQs, email or call our school office at 657-220-1000 and speak with an EPIC team member.

Learning Fund Portal, Purchase Orders & Vendors

1. Learning Fund Portal – What is it?

  • The Learning Fund Portal gives access to each family so they can see Learning Fund transactions and make purchases of additional educational items that supervising teachers agree are beneficial for each student’s academic success.

2. Learning Fund Portal Set-Up

  • EPIC families receive an email upon enrollment containing instructions and login information.
    • If you need assistance with logging in or anything else related to the Learning Fund Portal, click on the yellow chat icon Fresh Chat icon at the bottom right of our homepage.

3. How to Access the Learning Fund in the LF Portal

  • Go to our EPIC Charter School CA website:
  • Scroll down until you see the EPICENTER/LEARNING FUND PORTAL LOGIN
    Home page Screenshot
  • Input your username and password, and click LOGIN.
  • View your child’s Learning Fund account information by clicking on the “Learning Fund” button on the top right-hand side of the Learning Fund Portal homepage.

4. How to Order from the Learning Fund

  • NOTE: Before placing any orders, it is a good idea to first run it by your child’s teacher.
  • Navigate to the Learning Fund page (for directions, see number 3 above)
    • At the bottom of this screen, you’ll see “Shopping Order Entry”
      Shopping Order Entry Screenshot
    • Fill in all fields:
      • Student – select student name from drop-down menu
      • Description – exact name of the item as it shows on the website
      • Consumable – YES if it cannot be used again; NO if it can be used again
      • Quantity needed
      • Cost
      • Subtotal (auto-populates)
      • Store – type in the name of the company from which you’re ordering (aka Amazon)
      • Website Link for Item – Copy/paste the URL of the exact page you found the item
      • Save & Review – click to save; review mailing address. The Learning Fund Department will review and approve or reject the order. If approved, the order will be mailed to you from the company directly, and you’ll receive an email confirmation.

5. Purchase Orders (POs)

Request purchase orders from EPIC’s Learning Fund Department. Here’s how:

  • Email the following information to with subject line “PO Request (student last name)”:
    • legal first and last name of student, vendor name, name of activity/class, cost per class, and how many classes of equestrian training with Horse Company X. Each class cost $15, and they will take place weekly, starting November 1. Thank you!)
  • Thereafter, vendors submit invoices monthly to

6. How to find a vendor

  • Access the EPIC Charter School California website:
  • Hover over the RESOURCES+ tab until the drop-down menu appears
  • Under the heading EXTRA CURRICULAR, locate VENDOR LIST, and click it to be taken to the vendor directory page.
  • Locate the search bar on the right-hand side and input the zip code for the area in which your child is interested to participate
  • Once you find* a vendor, reach out to them to express interest and sign up. Also determine the cost of the activity, requirements, times and dates that classes are available and be prepared to provide this information to EPIC.

*No results to our search? You can invite vendors to partner with EPIC so your child can participate.

  • If your search generated no results, don’t worry! This allows you the chance to extend an invitation to the company your student wants to participate with, and invite them to join EPIC.
    • Families are encouraged to research companies that provide extracurricular activities to youth within your preferred area to see what opportunities exist, whether your children are interested in learning martial arts or how to play the drums. Every vendor that can be added to our list provides an opportunity for children to develop their passions and interests.
  • Communicate with your chosen vendor either through phone, email or appointment and find out whether they would be interested in becoming a vendor for EPIC Charter School.
    (TIP: Ask your child’s teacher for a sample email template you can send to invite vendors.)

How do I access my portals?

Parent Portal

Entering the Parent Portal is done by going to this URL: After Master Agreements are signed by all parties, an email message similar to the one in the image below is sent to the parent email listed on the enrollment application. The email message contains your username and password to your Parent Portal.

Parent Portal

Parent Portal

Learning Fund Portal

Entering the Learning Fund Portal (also known by the name ‘EpiCenter’) can be done using the login widget on the homepage of our EPIC California website ( When your enrollment into our school was accepted, you may remember receiving a message similar to the one in the image below. This message contains the username and password to your Learning Fund Portal.

Learning Fund

EpiCenter/Learning Fund

What if I overlooked these messages, or otherwise can’t get in?

Retrieving the username and password for an account can be done using the instructions below. (NOTE: These steps also work for resetting passwords, should you accidentally get “locked out” after three unsuccessful login attempts.)
If you know your username, skip the first three steps.

  1. Click “Forgot Username.”
  2. Enter the email address used during enrollment.
  3. The username will be sent to that email address within a minute.
  4. Then, go to the login and click “Forgot Password.”
  5. Enter username when prompted.
  6. The password is sent to the email address we have on file.
  7. Go back to the login page and enter the username and NEW password.
  8. Once entered, it will ask you to reset the password again.
  9. The login will come up blank…now enter the username and the password entered during the reset.
  10. If you still have trouble, you can get assistance through our Technical Support page.

Other questions?

If you have questions not answered on this instruction page or the links provided, please contact the school by using our chat function (by clicking the yellow icon on the bottom right on our website), emailing, or calling 657-220-1000 to speak with our Admissions and Enrollment Specialists.

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