Written By Yolanda Merriman, Director of Professional Development

Would you like to peek inside your child’s head? You can with journal writing.

Journals can provide students with an outlet to explore their thoughts and feelings without the fear of being reprimanded for grammar and spelling errors. For this reason, a journal can be a place for freedom of expression and developing their own opinions. Click here to see what others have to say about keeping a daily journal.


Get Started Today

Starting a journal is simple. You’ll love watching your child explore the world as you help nurture the ideals and values of your family, too.

1. Give your child something to write in that is just for the journal writing and nothing else. It can be a spiral notebook or even something more akin to a diary.

2. Use writing prompts to jumpstart their writing process.

3. Ask them to write in the journal at least three times a week. You can encourage them to draw or paste pictures or articles that go with their entries as well. When they read a book, see a movie, see a news item, have them write how they feel about it and what their opinion is on the matter.

Would You Like Some Journal Prompt Ideas?

Talk to your Epic teacher! Epic Charter School would love to help your student develop their writing style. Or, for a quick start, you can find several prompts here.

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