When it comes to educating our children, one size doesn’t fit all. Each child is a unique individual with special talents, strengths, skills, and challenges, so it doesn’t make much sense that every single child can learn in the exact same setting, being taught the exact same way.

Fortunately, we now have a choice in our children’s education and if a traditional school setting doesn’t work for your child, you only need to turn to the Internet and find the myriad of options out there.

Geoff’s mother first learned about EPIC Charter School by doing a Google search. “I chose EPIC Charter School because I felt it was more flexible with the subjects,” Geoff’s mother tells us. “It was also important for me to know what Geoff would be learning, which public school did not provide to me.” 

Geoff is a 3rd grader at EPIC who spends his free time doing nature trail walks, playing with model trains, and gymnastics. His favorite subjects are Language Arts and Math and dreams of working as an engineer in the future. EPIC “has allowed me the chance to learn at my own speed. By learning at my own speed I am able to really understand every subject,” says Geoff.

Because of EPIC, Geoff has made some new friends this year and has the flexibility to explore and learn in new places. EPIC Charter School’s personalized learning model and working with his teacher, Ms. Ray, has helped Geoff achieve his goals by allowing him to work at his own pace.

We look forward to seeing what Geoff accomplishes in the future!

All photos used with permission.

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