Families enroll their students at EPIC Charter School for a variety of reasons – the flexibility, the non-traditional learning environment, the personalized learning and more. For EPIC student Sofia L., enrolling in EPIC’s self-paced, personalized education meant that she could spend more time working on her passion without sacrificing her studies.

Sofia is an 8th-grader with the EPIC Charter School program. With dreams of becoming a graphic artist after high school, Sofia spends most her time focusing on her two favorite mediums: drawing and writing. Sofia says,

Epic gave me the motivation to keep going with my future career.


Sofia transferred to EPIC Charter School last fall and her favorite subject is science. The best thing about EPIC, according to Sofia, is her teacher, Holly. Aside from creating art, Sofia also makes time for her beloved dog, Joshua, and loves to spend time with her family and new baby nephew.

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All images are the property of Sofia and are used with permission.
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