There’s an app for everything these days and if you’re a homeschool family, there are apps for that too! There are plenty of apps available at your fingertips that will help you on your journey in an independent study program and here are a few that I use and love.


1. Trello

As a full time working mom who homeschools, trying to keep everyone fed, alive and sane (well, maybe not that last one) is not an easy feat. But it is a bit easier with Trello, a project management app that keeps everyone and everything on the same page – literally. Trello is incredibly versatile and helps you manage any project you want to organize. It is very visual and easy to track for each member of the family.

Trello uses boards and cards and its drag and drop feature is fun to use, simple and very flexible. It’s a perfect app to use to keep track of assignments and projects that are due. Check out the Trello gallery to see how others have set up the app to manage life, not just in the educational realm. The basic app is free and is more than enough for me to organize my 7th grader’s weekly assignments.

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2. Audible

I used to think that I didn’t like audiobooks but years of being a mom taxi and now having to commute to work has converted me. As an Amazon Prime member, I took decided to try the free Audible trial and download two books to listen to. Now, four months later, my daughter and I have listened to a dozen full-length books on a variety of subjects. After a recent trip to Washington DC where we visited Ford’s Theater, we currently just completed a book on Abraham Lincoln and now we are listening to a book about the cognitive process of dogs.

Our Audible app is already set with the books we want to listen to for our long road trip to visit family for Thanksgiving and for the day-to-day treks navigating the 405 freeway, it eases the pain…just a little.

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3. Khan Academy

If you’re new to independent study, you may not have heard of Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a nonprofit, educational website with a handy app to use whenever you need an educational video tutorial on a variety of subjects including math, science, technology and more.

The site began with a man who made YouTube videos to help his cousin through a difficult math course and has expanded to a large operation with numerous subjects and a variety of content specialists. The videos are all free to access and are a great supplement to your curriculum.

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4. MathBlaster HyperBlast

What kid doesn’t love video games? And how many of those kids hate math? If you have a child that struggles with math, groans every day during their math lesson or even a child that loves math and wants to keep their math skills sharp, check out the MathBlaster HyperBlast app. HyperBlast is a fast-paced game where kids blast through obstacles in space, solving math problems and can level up.

The app is appropriate for multiple ages and levels.

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5. Spelling City

Students will learn spelling and vocabulary through this fun, gamified app. The word lists are customizable or you can choose from generic sample word lists. Students can choose the appropriate list and a variety of activities/games to complete.

This app is appropriate for all ages and there are many additional features on the companion website.

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These are just a few of the many educational resources available for free for homeschool families and the ones that I’ve personally used often over the years. What are a few of your favorites? Comment below.